About Us

Hello!  My name is Pamela and I'm the owner and designer behind Pixelette Studio.  

Pixelette Network started back in 2006 as a small collective network that hosted several small artists' blogs and gallery.  Since the beginning, the focus of Pixelette have always been on art, so I decided to pay tribute back to my old domain and named my stationery and art shop Pixelette Studio.  

I have always been crafting, scrapbooking and journaling and during the pandemic, I wanted to create some stickers that I could use to document my past travels.  Since I already have a printer and cutter at home, I decided to give my Silhouette another chance and jumped into creating and selling stickers on Etsy.  

Thank you so much for everyone's love and support!


You can find me at:

Instagram @ PixeletteStudio
Facebook @ PixeletteStudio