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Oops Sticker Sheet Pack

Oops Sticker Sheet Pack

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Oops stickers deserve love as well!  

These are stickers with slight flaws/imperfections. Please check the images for types of flaws. By purchasing this product, you are ok with receiving stickers with flaws. While these sticker sheets are imperfect, they are heavily discounted and more than 80% of it is still usable. If you are uncomfortable with flawed products, please do not purchase these.

Please note that each Oops Bag is randomly packed with 4 sticker sheets and you may receive doubles if you purchase more than 1 bag.

★ 4 flawed sticker sheets
★ Material: Water resistant matte sticker paper

Flaws include but not limited to misaligned cuts, deep cuts, old branding, different colours, markings, foldings, fuzzy printing, unreleased stickers etc.

While the material is water resistant, the stickers are printed with an inkjet printer and colours may fade when in contact with water.

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